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Welcome to Bessho Onsen.
This hot spring resort is located in Ueda, the centre of between Tokyo and Kyoto.
Ideally situated for easy access, it can be reached from Tokyo in only 90 minutes by train.
Ueda Castle, occupied approximately 400 years ago by Sanada Yukimura,one of Japan's most famous Samurai, nurtured the development of history and culture in the surrounding castle town.
You can experience Not only there are many valable and histrical culturel assest can be found also a variety of pleasures and activities to be experienced each season, such as taking in the local seasonal landscape in open air baths, picking seasonal fruits and skiing and other sports in the winter in the city.
It is noteworthy that Nagano's famous sightseeing areas such as Hakuba, Karuizawa, and Matsumoto can all be reached in approximately one hour by car from Ueda city as well as connected by public transportations.
Snow monkey or Shopping in Karuizawa also easily accessible.

1,400-year-old historical hot spring resort of Bessho Onsen is traditionally called 'Sacred Onsen resort blessed by the Sun & the Land' is located only 30 minutes by local train from Ueda sta.
A lot of tourists visit all year round for its excellent quality of hot spring water, as well as for the spiritual and traditional temples and shrines that offer an elegant Japanese feel with real local wind.
Kawasemi no Yado suggests your unforgettable stay for enjoying Japanese experiences by relaxing with hot springs, dining on Kaiseki cuisine with local ingredients, and real Japanese night wering Yukata and sleeping on tatami mat with Japanese Ryokan atmosphere.



・Tokyo to Ueda : Approx.90min by Hokuriku Shinkansen.
・Nagoya to Ueda : Approx.210min by Shinano Liited Express and Shinano Tetsudo Line.
・Kanazawa to Ueda : Approx.100min by Hokuriku Shinkansen.
・Ueda to Bessho Onsen st. : Approx.30min by Bessho Local Line.


Bessho Onsen was written about in the 10th century in the famous Japanese historical collection of essays, The Pillow Book.
Of course, there are more several historical backgrounds or legends in this region.
Therefore, One thousand years later and Bessho Onsen is still a beloved place where visitors can relax in peace while gazing out over the lush mountains and rural landscape.
Although located near Tokyo, here one can appreciate the wonders of rural Japan and the beauty of the seasons' changing colors.

  • The Castle Blooming with Sakura

    The Castle Blooming with Sakura

    Japan's most well-known flower, Sakura, is used in Ueda city's logo. Every year in mid-April, 400,000 visitors come to the Ueda Castle Senbon Sakura Festival, where 1,000 Sakura trees blossom throughout the castle grounds and are admired by festival-goers with a beer in one hand and some Takoyaki or Yakitori in the other. Udon and Tempura dishes made using the wild vegetables found only in this area are also valuable to taste.

  • The Sun and the Green Land

    The Sun and the Green Land

    During the day, the warm sunlight bathes the land, and hikers and trekkers admire the rural landscape of mountain roads surrounded by sparkling green mountains and rice paddies. Just quietly hear the sound of the night. Chirping and whirring of insects all your around. John Lennon's favored summer resort, Karuizawa, is only one hour away by car.

  • Glitter of Golden Harvest

    Glitter of Golden Harvest

    The picturesque mountains colored red and yellow is a wondrous sight. Almost as if all the ancient village has worn brilliant party dress. The 1200 year-old Aizen katsura tree's leaves turn yellow; the trees near Shogunzuka change to crimson; and many other trees besides display their bright colors to the passerby. The rice paddies ready for harvest reflect the sun's rays and paint the countryside with a golden hue. Surely the harvest in autumn makes a lot of seasonal local vegetables and mushrooms that give you an great appetite.

  • Pleasant Sensation of a Brisk Morning

    Pleasant Sensation of a Brisk Morning

    Winter season brings an enjoyable crisp coldness and on rare occasions presents a snowscape of purity and elegance. Definitely, this is the best season to soak our remarkable quality of Onsen. Just make your body warm, make you feel your heart warm. Tourists can enjoy the season skiing and doing winter sports at Ueda city's ski resort. Jigokudani Yaen-koen well known for Onsen bathing Snow monkeys are only 90 minutes away by car.

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    A beautiful memory of Japan, that will remain forever in your heart

    Welcome to Kawasemi no Yado.
    We are located at a high elevation, slightly removed from the town nearby.
    From our open-air bath, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains as well as the historic townscape of the Bessho Hot Springs area.
    This is a place where visitors from anywhere in the world can enjoy a fully authentic "Japanese-style" experience, sure to stimulate all of one's senses.
    We do our very best to ensure that all of our visitors have an experience they will never forget, even after returning home.

    • room
    • room
    • room
    Guest rooms that strike a balance between traditional and modern

    Our guest rooms are tatami-matted, Japanese-style rooms, with a warm atmosphere.
    Enjoy refinement and elegance in your own private space.
    Put yourself at ease, and relax in traditional Japanese style.

    • cuisine
    • cuisine
    • cuisine
    Exquisite flavors made possible by the natural offerings of Shinshu

    Shinshu beef is famous as a brand for its high-quality and rich, deep flavor.
    In our food, we provide a wide array of ingredients, such as delicious vegetables and rare wild plants grown in the fog of the plateau, as well as freshwater fish raised in clear streams.
    We believe in the idea of "local production for local consumption" (eating food made with ingredients from the local area), and are confident that your taste buds as well as your heart will agree that the cuisine on offer is something special.

    • bath
    • bath
    • bath
    The finest hot springs surrounded by an abundance of nature

    Among the various Bessho Hot Springs, Kawasemi no Yado is the only ryokan-style resort located at a high elevation.
    After catching a glimpse of the fantastic view from our open-air bath, you'll be astonished at what you see.
    Whether it be the magnificent morning sunrise lighting up the mountains of Shinshu, or the town lit up at night, the scenery is beautifully decorated for you to enjoy.

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    Looking to get more out of your stay in Shinshu?

    How would you like a (free) night tour to see the Shiodadara night view and its starry sky? At Kawasemi no Yado, we have a number of seasonal and daily events for our guests to enjoy, such as water walking balls available for play on Atago Pond (on-site).
    We can also make arrangements for outings like firefly viewing tours in the summer, or tours around the temples of Shiodadara.
    Do not hesitate to let us know if you are interested.